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Pickering Limousine What better way to experience ultimate style than to attend the important ceremony in a stretch limousine. Pickering Limo Service holds the five star status in as far as limousines rentals is concerned having been in the business for many years.

We cater to those who are discerning in their desire for exceptional high end services for all that they engage to do whether at the work place, in sport or celebration. We are talking about business and industry executives on business trips to the area, high-end tourists, and young adults celebrating graduation and prom ceremonies, prominent politicians or simply an ordinary person who wishes to be collected from the airport at a particular time and later dropped back for the return flight.

Events and Services

A high-end wedding ceremony is incomplete without the Pickering Limousine. Be it the Christian wedding ceremony where the professionally dressed chauffeur in tuxedo, hat and white gloves picks up the bride and maids from her home or hotel to the Church, then newlyweds taken to the reception and finally the evening dance or is it the civil service wedding with its all-round transport of special guests and family.

The ceremony could also involve the Hindu, Punjabi, Sikh, Muslim, or any other common wedding rites. The stretch limousines services are designed to cater for them all. Your son or daughter could be attending the prom ceremony and the ultimate show of love is the limousine you order for him or her to take them to the venue. They will remember it for the rest of their lives in deep appreciation.

Corporate events such as annual dinners, board meetings or even political events do require Limousine services all which are our specialties. The occasions are simply endless.

Vehicle and Extras

A special occasion deserves a special black or white limousine. We have a wide variety of makes of either sedans, special utility vehicles, or buses depending on the occasion and client desire to choose from. You also get highly trained and attired chauffeurs and complimentary champagne and other beverages, red carpets ribbons and napkins. Extras provided include helping you plan for the occasion with introductions to hotels, ceremony planners, food and beverage professionals, security concerns all at value for money.


Pickering City is located in South Ontario, Canada and had a population of about eighty eight thousand people in 2011. It was, basically, settled by Briton Colonials but is currently populated by immigrants from all over the world. Pickering has seen high growth rates as a result of Toronto's growth resulting people moving into the area. Population growth has however slowed in recent years due to restrictions placed on development to prevent urban sprawl.

The largest single source of employment is the Pickering Nuclear Generation Plant whose eight reactors have production capacity of over four thousand megawatts. Several manufactures are also located in the city who deals in audio equipment, pharmaceuticals and health and beauty products, electrical equipment and also industrial water purification and chemical recovery. All these people suitably employed together with their families and friends constitute a good market limousine services.

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